Innovative Plastic Business Cards

Case Studies

Premiuim Business Card

  • Client Type : Manufacturing Company
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The client is a multinational company with locations across the globe.The brief was to use the house colors of blue and orange and give a glass like transparency in the Logo.The format was common but variable information for all the employees of the organization was incorporated to ensure a uniform card across the entire managerial staff. A matt anti scruff coating was given to protect the solid printing and give it durability and minimize the scratches.

Translucent Business Card

  • Client Type :Construction
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The client is a small proprietary company and he wanted a unique identity with minimal information but with a clean neat and sophisticated look. We used a black color and to add an element of richness we printed his line of business in metallic gold. The result was a rich and sophisticated outcome that drew a lot of compliments for the client. Simplicity and elegance with a minimal look giving a unique differentiated outcome.

Full Colour Business Card

  • Client: Manufacturing Company
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The client had blue as a company color that he wanted as a base color with prominence in line with his corporate communications. As he had a powerful logo and brand name the rest was only a matter of ensuring that all the matter was well balanced to give a well rounded appearance. Full color halftone printing was done and plastic was used as the medium to give it a unique feel. A gloss finish was given in line with the clients product line of stainless steel.

Frosted Business Card

  • Client: Retail Store
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The designer of the card wanted us to use silver for a rich appearance and black as a single color to contrast with the silver. Frosted plastic was selected as it contrasted well with the silver and black and gave an outcome that was unique and elegant. A satin finish was imparted to give a tactile feel of class. The thickness of the card, the plastic medium, frost, satin and silver all combined in a harmonious manner to give a very favourable result.
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