About Newline Enterprises

Two decades of experience in plastic cards

Newline Enterprises was established in 1987 in the commercial hub of Mumbai in India. Using state of the art European machinery and producing laminated plastic cards for banks, hotels, retail etc we have over two decades experience in the manufacture of Laminated Plastic cards. Having mastered the skills involved in the printing of plastic cards and gaining considerable expertise in exploiting the facets of creative graphic design on plastic, Frosty as a brand aims to offer the discerning businessman a business card option that represents a unique creative aspect of his visual branding.This long experience in printing on plastic and possessing the infrastructure inhouse with the ability to undertake small sized bespoke production allows us to tailor each solution uniquely to the customer. Our inhouse design is adept at handling clear/transparent/frosted backgrounds and can help design a solution for you needs….

Free design as a service is offered based on our template range as we feel we are best placed to exploit the medium to your maximum benefit. We encourage the use of templates since it is a good starting point to eventual customisation of your design. We also provide e-proofs that give you a realisitic representation of the visual look of your final card that may be difficult to viusalise in the transparent medium in the normal course.
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