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At Frosty cards we believe that the medium of plastic and printing on a non white transparent substrate present some unique challenges. To help exploit the fullest potential of the medium and create a unique outcome our designers are well geared with years of experience In working on plastic cards. We prefer if as a starting point you spend considerable time viewing our design and inspiration gallery and see what Style or template appeals to you. Based on your selected template or style preferences and inputs our design team will prepare some artwork Options for your approval. A e-proof card will be given that replicates the look/feel of the final product will be sent to you for approval prior To the actual printing of the job..

How are our cards different.

  • We use Silk screen printing and not foil stamping. This process is far more laborious and time consuming but gives results and outcomes that are distinctly superior. Rich deep ink deposits specially on clear substrates allows more vivid reproductions and hence better quality.
  • Screen printing allows matching any Spot Pantone color and house colors. Unlike manufacturers who make cards using stamping foils with a limited range of colors we have complete color freedom and no restriction.
  • We also have options of doing halftone printing by litho or equivalent methods. This means we can reproduce photos and graphic designs
  • Created in Photoshop without problems. Manufacturers who use only foil cannot do this. To get superior contrasts we use white underlays that make the printed visuals jump out in contrast to the frosted backgrounds.
  • All our cards are completely laminated and manufactured just like a bank credit card. We do not take short cuts by just foiling on finished cards.
  • We provide a anitscruff coating that minimizes the incidence of scratches on the finished card.

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